ISP Investigation Articles Mysteriously Absent from Journal-Courier Website

Our partners at Morgan County Watchdogs have discovered that a majority – if not all – of the previously published articles about the Illinois State Police investigation into the Village of South Jacksonville have mysteriously disappeared from the website of the Jacksonville Journal-Courier.

It is concerning, to say that least, that our community’s dominant newspaper is apparently doing everything that they can to erase the memory of an ugly scandal. Mike Woodyard and Tyson Manker, speaking at a recent Village of South Jacksonville Board of Trustees meeting, have said that the Journal-Courier was among the phone calls made by former Village President Gordon Jumper on the day that ISP investigators showed up at Village Hall to interview former Treasurer and Office Manager Linda Douglass.

What does the Journal-Courier have to hide in this situation? As a source of information in this community, wouldn’t it be prudent to leave these articles online and accessible to the public? We have reached out to Journal-Courier Published Joseph Craig, but have not yet received a response.


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