UPDATE: South Jacksonville ISP Investigation Articles and the Journal-Courier

As a follow up to our earlier post about articles on the Jacksonville Journal-Courier’s website related to the Illinois State Police investigation into South Jacksonville, we received the following statement from the Journal-Courier’s editor, David Bauer, via email.

No articles have been scrubbed from our website or our internal archives.

Many searches for the past two days on our site have returned an error message or said no stories are available. Some have returned the stories as the search should function.

This is a result of the paper switching to a new online host. The change means hundreds of thousands of articles in our archives from about 2009 forward must be transitioned. The process takes some time.

As a website that uses a WordPress template ourselves and having recently experienced a mass migration of articles from a different platform to WordPress at our place of employment, we can confirm that the process most certainly does take an extraordinary amount of time. This is particularly true when dealing with a massive number of articles, as the Journal-Courier is with their platform change.
Editor Bauer also provided a screen capture, taken at 10:14AM this morning that showed a full list of search results on the paper’s website for the term “ethics”. As of the publishing of this post, the term “Illinois State Police” does not produce the number of articles related to South Jacksonville as it should, but we expect that this will be rectified soon enough.
We’d like to extend a word of “Thanks” to Editor David Bauer, as well as Journal-Courier employee, Nick Draper, for their prompt response to our inquiry on the subject.

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