Why We Do It

People have asked us on more than one occasion why, exactly, we do what we do. “The bad people are out of office now, why can’t you just let it go?” “What do you have left to prove?”


Public comments such as this one from Sheila Meyers are why we do not consider our work toward changing South Jacksonville to be done.

Sheila seems convinced that the way that she was running the Concert in the Cornfield – at a loss of over $25,000 each year, as shown by documents obtained through FOIA requests – was perfectly acceptable.

South Jacksonville Trustee Sonie Smith continuing to provide catering services without a valid license AND receiving over $1200 for those services, but yet still believing that she has done nothing wrong, is an example of why we are still working hard to cause change and improvement. Trustee Smith’s failure to disclose the money that she was paid by the Village for those catering services is an example of why we continue to do what we do.

The continued belief by certain South Jacksonville Trustees behind the back of the public that we “don’t know what we want” or simply don’t understand their jobs is an example of went we continue to do what we do.

There is a culture alive in our community that simply MUST change, friends. The last few years of Gordon Jumper’s tenure as Village President have clearly done more damage than first meets the eye. An acceptance of mediocrity from our public servants has become the norm, rather than the demand for excellence, transparency, and the simple concept of doing the right thing.

Until that attitude changes and our public servants take to heart exactly what they were chosen for, we will continue to do our work and demand answers and improvement.

As a great man once said –

“Damn, the torpedoes! Full speed ahead.”


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