EDITORIAL: Don’t Just Sweep the Roaches Under the Rug

South Jacksonville resident Harry Jennings posted a perfect status on Facebook earlier today that is a spot-on analogy for the current South Jacksonville situation. With his permission, it is reprinted here –

If you buy a new house and you find out it’s infested with roaches, you exterminate the bugs, clean the home, then move in.

You can’t go in, step on the ones you see, and sweep their dead bodies under the rug. You move into the house in that kind of condition it won’t be long before it’s infested again.

Don’t draw it out. Don’t cry about how it was the filth of the previous owner that caused the infestation. You can’t come in and be clean and expect the rest of the roaches to just go away, or to somehow turn into butterflies.

Do it fast, do it right, clean the darn house so you can get on with a peaceful life.



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