Davidsmeyer Says He Will Accept State Paycheck During Budget Impasse

State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer tells My Social Jacksonville that he will continue to accept a state paycheck for his duties during the current budget impasse.

Davidsmeyer, in a Facebook conversation with My Social Jacksonville administrator Colby Huff, on Monday gave the following statement:

I continue to do my job on a daily basis, working with constituents on many issues that arise. I also continue to be willing to come to a compromise on the budget.

Unfortunately, until the Speaker is willing to discuss the budget, and negotiate in good faith, we are at a standstill. He still has a super-majority, allowing him to pass or block anything he desires. His members have continued to do as they’re told.

State employees will continue to get paid, as they should and as was done in 2007, for continuing to do their jobs. I am a reasonable, realistic person and will continue to push for a budget that is also reasonable and realistic.

I am not independently wealthy, so just as a store clerk, teacher, or accountant expects to get a paycheck for working, I will as well. I understand that people hate politics and even more so politicians, but I have a wife (who also works) and kids (who don’t) to support, just like anyone else.

At least two members of the General Assembly have said that they will forgo their paychecks for as long as it takes to get an agreement in place for all state employees to be paid in full.


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