Bill Filed to Block Legislature Pay During Budget Crisis

Representative Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) has filed a bill that would eliminate the rule that allows Illinois legislators to continue to draw their state paychecks during a budget impasse.

The bill, HB 4244, says that the Comptroller would not be able to pay the salaries of any member of the General Assembly, unless…

(i) a budget has been passed by the General Assembly and approved by the Governor and (ii) all State employees are eligible to be paid pursuant to the budget approved by the Governor. Further provides a statement of intent. Effective immediately.

The bill has not, as of this post, been acted upon in any way by the House.


2 thoughts on “Bill Filed to Block Legislature Pay During Budget Crisis

  1. Cynthia Randolph

    In my 30 years of nursing I have never had to take a pay cut, my wages along with the others I work with have been cut 17% since May 17th, because the state can’t pay reimbursement to agencies, I work home health and take care of a vent dependent little boy, if it wasn’t for home health this child would have to live in a facility, his mom and dad have to work. 17% cut may not seem like much to some but to us it’s at least a 3 dollar an hr cut in pay. Seriously thinking I need to move out of Illinois!


    1. mysocialjacksonville Post author

      You would be a prime example of one of the “folks” that Governor Rauner says that he’s “workin’ for” in just about every speech. It would be nice if Speaker Madigan wasn’t holding up the process so much. Give the Governor an item or two from his Turnaround Agenda, pass a balanced budget, and let’s go! Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be quite that simple in Springfield.



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