Manar Makes Push to Keep State Museum Open… as Rauner Administration Sends Layoff Notices

There’s a move to change state statute to keep the Illinois State Museum open.

An amendment to a Senate bill from Democratic State Senator Andy Manar says the state shall operate the Museum in Springfield and the various branch sites.

Manar says the measure reflects language concerning operations of the State Fairs in Springfield and Du Quoin.

Supporters of the measure said keeping the Museum and its branches open will boost Illinois’ economy and help the state avoid costly litigation and loss of federal grants. Senate Republicans in committee questioned the move saying the measure doesn’t take away the fact the state is at a budget impasse.

Manar says all but three employees associated with the museum through the Department of Natural Resources have received layoff notices.

The measure passed on to the House. Meanwhile, the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability meets Wednesday morning to vote on facility closures of not just the State Museum but also the Hardin County Work Camp.

(This story courtesy of the Illinois News Network)


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