Rauner Administration Claims Madigan Amendment to “Pass Through” Bill is a “Poison Pill”

House Speaker Mike Madigan has added what Governor Bruce Rauner’s office calls a “poison pill” to a bill that would disburse almost $5B in federal money during the budget impasse.

The Rauner administration says the original bill, if passed without the Speaker’s amendment, would have no impact on the Illinois budget deficit and is supported by the Governor.

According to Tim Nuding, the Director of the Governor’s Office of Budget and Management, the amendment adds an additional $1.5B in appropriation authority for this fiscal year. That additional appropriation includes $585M for social service programs, similar to the budget passed by the legislature but vetoed by Governor Rauner earlier this summer.

Nuding says that the amendment amounts to an overall unbalanced, unconstitutional budget.

Meanwhile, the Speaker’s office says that the amendment adds money to disaster relief services, cancer screenings, funding for children with disabilities, and other social service groups.

The Speaker’s amendment to a bill passed by the Senate last week adds about $1.56B in spending authority for the current fiscal year.

Rauner spokesperson Lance Trover says in a press release that the Speaker is trying to force through additional spending without an approved budget to do so.


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