UPDATE: Senate Overrides Rauner Veto on State Employee Arbitration Bill

The Illinois Senate has voted to override Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto of a bill that would call for binding arbitration between the administration and state employee unions, if contract talks fail.

The bill, which would also prevent a strike or a lockout of state employees, now goes back to the House, where Speaker Mike Madigan believes that he has the votes in that chamber to also override Rauner’s veto.

The Governor said earlier this week that a legislative override of his veto on Senate Bill 1229 would strip him of his authority to negotiate on behalf of Illinois taxpayers.

Senator Sam McCann cast the only Republican vote to override, saying that he represents more state employees than any other member of the General Assembly and that he was voting the wishes of his constituents.


4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Senate Overrides Rauner Veto on State Employee Arbitration Bill

    1. roger

      me, being a tax payer, is getting tired of carrying your asses, your pensions need redone, your health care needs redone, the taxpayers cannot afford it any more


      1. Randy Terry

        To bad you didn’t know what the heck your talking about. New flash genius, why don’t you blame the political scam artist who stole from our pension fund and created the mess to begin with, and stop blaming the middle class workers who work for the state.


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