Hardin Avenue Project Documents Released to Public

My Social Jacksonville, through our partners at Morgan County Watchdogs, are making certain documents related to the “Hardin Avenue Rehabilitation Project” – for which the Village of South Jacksonville received a $250,000 grant – public. We strongly encourage members of the community to review these documents in their entirety.



This is part of the original grant survey (application) submitted to DCEO by the Village of South Jacksonville. It was submitted in August of 2010. The second page shows the “Scope of Work”, which includes a reference to sidewalks on Hardin Avenue.


This is the letter sent to the village approving the modification to the grant.



These two pages show the original wording of the scope of the work (note that the wording has been changed to “sidewalk restoration”).



These pages show the modification to the scope of work, including water main replacement and gazebo.


This page is a notarized statement signed by former Village President Gordon Jumper (notarized by Linda Douglass).


This is the letter from the village, signed by John Green, proposing to spend the “remainder” of the grant money on the water main replacement and gazebo.




This is the letter from DCEO approving a time extension of the grant. In April 2015, the village was allowed to extend the deadline to use grant funds until the current deadline of September 30, 2015.


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