Candidates File for 2016 Elections in Area Races

As the 5PM deadline for established party candidates approaches this afternoon, here is a summary of who has filed for various elected positions representing Morgan County:

U.S. House of Representatives – 18th District
Darin LaHood (Republican – Incumbent)

Illinois Comptroller (Special Election)
Leslie Munger (Republican – Incumbent)
Susana Mendoza (Democrat)

Illinois House of Representatives – 100th District
C.D. Davidsmeyer (Republican – Incumbent)

Illinois Senate – 50th District
Sam McCann (Republican – Incumbent)
Bryce Benton (Republican)

Morgan County State’s Attorney
Bobby Bonjean (Republican – Incumbent)
Tyson Manker (Democrat)

Regional Superintendent of Schools
Jill Reis (Republican – Incumbent)

This list will be updated. For a running list, click here.

(NOTE: Neither Bonjean nor Reis appear to have campaign websites that we are able to find.)

* Last updated 1:25PM 11/30/15.


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