Tyson Manker to Run for State’s Attorney

South Jacksonville resident Tyson Manker will challenge incumbent Morgan County State’s Attorney Bobby Bonjean for that position in next November’s election.

Manker, a lifelong Morgan County resident and former member of the military, rose to prominence as part of the community reaction to the Illinois State Police report on its investigation into allegations of misconduct at South Jacksonville Village Hall. Manker filed the ethics complaint against former South Jacksonville Village President Gordon Jumper, former village Treasurer and Village Hall Office Manager Linda Douglass, and former chief of police Richard Evans that led to the eventual retirements of Jumper and Evans, as well as the resignation of Douglass.

In a press release, Manker says, in part:

“…my sense of justice is founded on fairness, and right now our criminal and political justice system is far from fair. For too long, public officials in Illinois have played by a different set of rules than everybody else. And everyone knows it. From South Jacksonville to Chicago, the political establishment has allowed public corruption to fester and undermine our trust in government.

That is why as Morgan County Prosecutor, my top priority will be to restore your faith in our criminal justice system. After fighting terrorists in the Middle East, I simply cannot stand by and watch as a handful of unscrupulous individuals corrupt the American republic that I fought to protect and serve.”

Manker will run as a Democrat, opposing the incumbent Republican Bonjean.


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