ANNOUNCEMENT: My Social Jacksonville Shutting Down December 31st

After several weeks of thought and deliberation, I have made the decision to shut down My Social Jacksonville on December 31st.
When the admin team and I launched MSJ in early 2014, we had a certain vision of what we wanted the page to become. Our vision was for this page to become an easy destination for news about not only Jacksonville and South Jacksonville, but also Morgan County as a whole. After considering what we have been able to accomplish during our run – but, more importantly, considering what we haven’t even come close to – I have reached the conclusion that not only has this page come up short, there really doesn’t appear to be any way to bring it up to par of what I want it to be. Quite simply, the demands of my work schedule make it very difficult to be as plugged in to Jacksonville and Morgan County as I want to be in order for me to feel that this page is doing its job.
We are proud of what we were able to be a part of this year in South Jacksonville. It goes without saying that there is more work to be done. But, at the present time, the demands on my time – as the primary content contributor – between my work in Springfield, freelance media work for radio stations outside of Illinois, and my family life has made My Social Jacksonville an afterthought.
You, the fans of this page, deserve more than an afterthought. Without a significant contribution from multiple other people, this page simply is taking up space. I’m not willing to let that continue.
Is this a permanent decision? I honestly don’t know. There may come a time when the demands on my time change and I can focus more attention on the efforts of My Social Jacksonville. There may come a time when I can recruit a fresh team of local people to be content creators and it doesn’t all have to come down to me, my wife, and one other person that is no longer a resident of Morgan County. There may come a time when things happening in the community suggest that this page may be useful again.
In the immediate future, the website – – will be updated as time permits.
We thank you for being fans of this project over the last 23 months. Truly, it has been a unique experience for me and for others who have been involved at various points. But, the time has come to recognize that there are just more important things to focus on in life.

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