My Social Jacksonville Endorses Tyson Manker for State’s Attorney

In most election cycles – particularly in a Presidential election year – a vote for State’s Attorney is one that is either thrown away by many voters or is simply ignored. In this election, Morgan County voters can’t afford to do that. For the Village of South Jacksonville, those words are literal, as incumbent State’s Attorney Gray Noll has neglected his duty to take control of the South Jacksonville Ethics Commission’s recommendations from the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office and bring the investigation into Gordon Jumper, Linda Douglass, and Richard Evans to a conclusion, no matter what that conclusion may be.

It’s time to look beyond the political inner circle for an elected office in our county. It’s time to elect someone who isn’t beholden to the establishment and who owes no “favors” or political back scratching.

It’s time to elect someone who can step in as our county’s top legal representative and put new eyes and a fresh perspective on things, while also maintaining local roots, knowledge, and best interests at heart.

It’s time for Morgan County to elect Tyson Manker.

Tyson Manker represents all that is good about Morgan County. He was born here, a 7th generation native of our county. He was raised here. He served our country in the Marine Corps, representing his hometown of South Jacksonville – and all of Morgan County – with honor. He stepped up at a time of great need in South Jacksonville, supporting an effort launched by members of the community to call for the resignations of Jumper, Douglass, and Evans from their respective offices. It was Manker’s ethics complaint that finally drove Jumper and Evans to retire and for Douglass to resign.

When others feared retaliation, Tyson Manker stood up and faced fire, just as he did as a member of our nation’s military in Iraq. Tyson Manker will do the same thing for the residents of Morgan County, in the face of attacks against the public good. As someone who has lived and breathed Morgan County his entire life, Tyson Manker is the right choice this November for Morgan County State’s Attorney.


One thought on “My Social Jacksonville Endorses Tyson Manker for State’s Attorney

  1. Patrick

    If Tysons manker represent all that is good about Morgan county, then Morgan County is endorsing violent aggressive behavior.



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