Harry Jennings to Run for South Jacksonville Village President

South Jacksonville resident Harry Jennings, a member of the 2015 Ethics Committee that investigated issues raised in a complaint filed in relation to the results of the Illinois State Police investigation into alleged wrongdoing under the administration of former Village President Gordon Jumper, announced on Tuesday that he will run for the community’s top leadership position.

Jennings, a 17-year South Jacksonville resident, announced via his campaign Facebook page that he is running under a platform of fiscal conservatism and the return of power to the residents of the South Jacksonville. Jennings says that, under previous administrations, the position of Village President has acquired “too much power” and had become a dominant part of what should be a “two cog system” of village government. Jennings pledges to return a true balance of power to South Jacksonville, if elected.

Jennings is a former member of the U.S. military, serving in the Army from 2007-2012, and has earned multiple degrees from Illinois universities. He is a local business owner and has spent ten years working in local law enforcement. Jennings, who previously ran for Village President in 2005, has remained active in the community as a frequent attendee at public meetings and civic events. In March of this year, he was elected Precinct Committeeman for South Jacksonville Precinct #1.

Jennings is the father of two children, ages 13 and ten months.


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