South Jacksonville President Announces Citizen Advisory Panels

Jennings issues call for volunteers to serve on newly-formed committees focusing on community parks, tourism, and government oversight.

South Jacksonville Village President Harry Jennings has announced the pending formation of several “Citizen Advisory” panels in the next several months.

Jennings says, “I ran on the promise of increasing public involvement and this is just one step in fulfilling that promise. I look forward to fellow South Jacksonville citizens stepping up to fill these newly created spots.”

Jennings plans to form advisory committees for Parks and Recreation, Tourism and Events, and Government Oversight/Ethics. Anyone interested in serving on any of these volunteer committees must be a resident of the Village of South Jacksonville. Interested individuals should contact President Jennings by email to, on social media at, or by phone at Village Hall at (217) 245-4803.

Interested individuals are asked to list which of the proposed committees they would like to be a part of when making their initial contact. Depending on interest level, individuals may serve on multiple committees.

The deadline for consideration is Monday, May 29th, with appointments to be announced at the June 1st.


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