My Social Jacksonville was founded in January 2014 by South Jacksonville resident, Colby Huff, and his wife, Christine. Here is an FAQ post that was published to Facebook, shortly after that page launched.


As interest grows in this page, here are a few FAQ –

1. Who is running this page?

A: I am a resident of South Jacksonville that recently moved to the community after spending several years in Peoria, where I was (and still remain, on a limited basis) an administrator for my Social Peoria. I am in my 30s, am engaged to a woman that has lived in the community for almost thirteen years, and will become a stepparent to a child in District 117 schools this summer.

2. What is the purpose of this page?

A: As a general rule, this page will be a gathering point of information and discussion for residents of Jacksonville, South Jacksonville, and the surrounding rural areas. It is NOT, however, a “Swap Shop” or “Buy / Sell / Trade” page. The Journal-Courier Swap Shop page is run by some very nice people that do a great job. Swap Shop posts that are made here will be deleted and the author will be directed to the Journal-Courier page.

3. Can I advertise my business on this page?

A: Yes, you are allowed to advertise your business. As a courtesy to others, you are asked not to make more than one post in any given forty-eight hour period about your business, nor are you to “bump” any post on the page’s wall within that same period. “Flooding” or otherwise repetitive posts that become a nuisance to others run the risk of being deleted and if it becomes a recurring problem, the author may be banned from posting on the page.

4. Where is the information being posted on this page coming from?

A: We will gather information from various local sources of strong standing (i.e., WLDS / WEAI, WJVO, The Journal-Courier, The State Journal-Register, TV stations, etc) and share it here, as it pertains to our community.

5. Is this page open to anyone to “like”?

A: While the goal is to provide information specifically pertaining to our community, we welcome the membership of those who live both here and elsewhere.

6. Is this page affiliated with the City of Jacksonville, Village of South Jacksonville, or any of their departments?

A: No, it is not. That may change at some point in the future, but at the present time, it is solely a volunteer page run by a resident of the community and any future administrators that come on-board.

7. Can I become an administrator of this page?

A: Yes! The founder of this page would ideally like to have a team of 7-10 administrators from various walks of life around the community. If you are interested, please send a message to the page introducing yourself (how long you’ve lived in the community, your interests, role in any community activities… anything that you feel would help convince someone to give you admin rights) and we’ll get back to you soon!

The general theme of the answers above remains the same, almost twenty months later. We are once again seeking additional administrators, as we’ve recently had our two non-area residents step down to focus on their own individual projects. Ideally, we are looking for several specific people, including someone that can and will regularly attend Jacksonville City Council meetings and report on them for My Social Jacksonville.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ethan McDaniels

    Hi there – I’m wondering if you’d be willing to post about an exciting red carpet event this Saturday night in Jacksonville for the movie PROXIMITY, starring Jackie Manker. Jackie is originally from Jacksonville IL and she has starred in a great indie feature film — a rare film about a 40 year old woman and the relationship with her mom. Adam Wainwright, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, plays her ex boyfriend in the film. This is a quality, thoughtful dramedy that normally doesn’t make it’s way into theaters.

    We are having a premiere in Jacksonville at the Illinois Theater to celebrate Ms. Manker’s accomplishment. The lead actors, as well as the director, will be at the screening, which is followed by a red carpet all are welcome to attend.


    Here’s the trailer to post: https://vimeo.com/144282159

    $5 tickets are available at circa87.com Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door, but we encourage early ticket buying. Thank you!



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