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Attorney General Lisa Madigan Will Not Seek Reelection in 2018

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has announced that she will not run for reelection next year.

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State Aid Begins Flowing to Illinois Schools

School districts across Illinois are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, as state aid is finally being sent out to schools.

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Governor Rauner Special Session Preview Speech

Good evening,

 Thank you for joining us here in the historic Old State Capitol in Springfield.


It was here in Representative Hall that Abraham Lincoln delivered a speech that would change the course of history, where he proclaimed: “a House divided against itself cannot stand.”


Our history reminds us of our state’s great capacity for change – and for our limitless potential when those elected by the people put the people’s interests ahead of all else.


Right now, our state is in real crisis – and the actions we take in the days ahead will determine how history remembers us. We can all do better. We MUST all do better for the citizens of Illinois.


We’ve asked the General Assembly to come together in a special session for the next 10 days – not as Democrats and Republicans – but as leaders who share bipartisan concern for our state’s future.


We must agree on a balanced budget plan, and get it to my desk before the end of the state’s fiscal year – one week from Friday.


Last week, we reviewed a compromise budget plan that I can sign – one that we can all support.  It moves us to middle ground on key issues.  It is truly balanced. It funds schools, higher education, and human services. It provides a real path to property tax reduction. 


The plan also stands tall for fundamentals. Spending reductions. Limits on expenses.  Debt reduction. And term limits on legislative leaders and statewide officeholders, including the Governor.


If we can agree to pass it, this plan will send a message across our state and around the nation that we are serious about making Illinois a more attractive destination for investment, new businesses, and new jobs.


If we can agree to pass it, we will stop this unnecessary crisis.


Failure to act is not an option. Failure to act may cause permanent damage to our state that will take years to overcome.


Over the next 10 days, we have an opportunity to change the State of Illinois for the better. To give our people a future they can believe in. To give job creators a reason to come, and families a reason to stay.


We CAN reach an agreement. After all, we share a common mission. We seek to achieve a greater good, to create a better life for our children and grandchildren here in Illinois.


The proposals before us represent a common-sense compromise to put us on a better path.


So, on the eve of what may become one of the most important legislative sessions in Illinois history, we’re asking the General Assembly to do what those who came before us did that changed the course of history: have the courage to dare to do what is right … to act for the people. 


And together, we will create a brighter future for every family across Illinois.


Thank you. God bless you.  God bless our beloved State of Illinois. And God bless the United States of America.


Rauner Administration Launches Jobs Website in Preparation for AFSCME Strike

If you’ve ever thought about working for the State of Illinois, Governor Bruce Rauner’s administration has just made the application process easier.

Dennis Murashko, General Counsel to the Governor,  says in a press release that the creation of the new website – – is part of the administration’s preparation for a possible strike by AFSCME members.

The new site is being described as a way to streamline the application process by allowing job seekers to provide basic information about the location and type of work they are interested in.

Murashko reiterates that the Governor’s Office hopes that AFSCME leaders do not choose to call for a strike, but that the administration “must be prepared to continue government operations and provide services that citizens deserve and expect.”

Here is the full press release, sent early this morning:

Rauner Administration Launches Jobs Portal
Part of ongoing AFSCME strike preparation
New website makes it easier to apply for jobs working for the people of Illinois

CHICAGO – The Rauner Administration announced today as part of its ongoing AFSCME strike preparation that it has launched a new website called Working for a Better Illinois.  The website is a simple way for job seekers to apply for jobs in Illinois government.

“We genuinely hope AFSCME leadership will choose not to strike against taxpayers and work with us on implementing common-sense proposals like overtime after 40 hours, not 37.5,” Rauner General Counsel Dennis Murashko said.  “However, we must be prepared to continue government operations and provide services that citizens deserve and expect,” Murashko said.

Every year the state receives tens of thousands of applications from Illinois residents interested in state government. This website streamlines the job application process by allowing citizens to provide basic information about the location and type of work they would be interested in performing.  For citizens interested in applying for specific job titles, the existing job application process remains in place.

This website is part of the Rauner Administration’s on-going attempt to modernize the state’s technology services to better serve taxpayers, as well as to prepare for a possible strike against taxpayers by AFSCME.

Submissions to the website would provide a way for state agencies to efficiently identify those who could work on a temporary basis. Although individuals would be hired on a temporary basis in response to the strike, the State would then begin taking the steps necessary to fill positions permanently.

The Rauner Administration has signed labor agreements with 20 unions.  The Administration’s proposal includes earning overtime after 40 hours instead of 37.5, pay based on performance rather than seniority, reasonable testing of drug and alcohol use if suspected on the job and allowing volunteerism at state facilities like state parks.

Illinois citizens interested in working for the State should visit: